Preparing for seasonal Work

Many people use seasonal work to supplement their income or as a means to escape from the drudgery of their day to day job. If you are considering going into seasonal work, then you need to make a few preparations first.

Prepare for travel

A lot of seasonal work involves travel. Deep sea fishing, transport, and many other types of seasonal work involve traveling from one country to another. It that appeals to you at all, then you need to make sure you are able to travel to where you need to go. Ensure that your visa is in order and up to date, and that is will still be valid through your work period.

You also need to look at the regulations for entering and working in any countries you will be in while you work. Some of them place restrictions on who can work inside the country and for how long. You may need to get a work visa or permit before you can even apply for the job you are interested in.

Learn the Trade

A lot of seasonal work has to be learned on the job. If you are taking a seasonal job in construction, you could be thrown into bathroom renovations without any prior experience. Instead of stumbling your way through and having to ask questions all the time, you should try to be prepared as much as possible. Learn about bathroom renovations through current books and articles on the subject and find out what might be required of you for your specific role.

Most seasonal work will not involve very complex jobs, since the employer will not want to take time to teach someone who will be gone by the end of the season. But the basics of the trade are good to learn, and if you can educate yourself ahead of time, you just might save yourself some trouble later.

images1Plan extra Time

Seasonal work is usually done while taking a break from your regular hob. But if the seasonal work involves travel of any kind, you need to be prepared to come back to your home late. You never know what difficulties may arrive, and you should have someone taking care of your pets, plants and your mail. You should also ensure that your current employer is okay with you taking an extra day or two if needed. Remember that once you complete your seasonal work, you might be exhausted. It is a good idea to plan a few days for a break before you start back at your regular job.…

Is a Seasonal Job Your Dream Job?

Most people look at seasonal work as something they can do when their regular job slows down or when they have some extra time. And many of them look at it as an escape from tedious work. But keep in mind that even seasonal work has its slow times, and you may not always be doing what you imagined you would.

Take snow lodge work, for example. Yes, you may spend a large amount of time working the slopes, helping stranded skiers or meeting guests. But you may also have to run the vacuum cleaner for a while too. The lodge won’t clean itself, and someone will have to clean up after all the guests are gone. While using a Kogan vacuum cleaner might not be on the job description, you can’t always count on the lodge to be occupied, and it has to close sometime.

This cleaning goes double for boating excursions. If you are shipping freight by boat or going on Atlantic fishing trips, you will have to spend a large amount of time cleaning the deck and the innards of the ship.

Your duties will vary depending on your skill and how many crew members there are, but if you are seasonal person who is just filling in for a short while, you can expect to do some of the dirty work.

images1Season teaching has its mundane moments as well. You might think you will spend all your time in front of a class of students, filling their young minds with knowledge. But you also have to make lesson plans, grade papers and attend staff meetings. These are just all part of the job, but it’s not a part people end to think about very much.

Now this isn’t intended to deter you from seasonal work, but rather to temper your expectations. Just keep your expectations even and treat it as you would any other job and you might not mind the mundane when it occurs.


Seasonal Jobs You May Not Have Considered

Seasonal work doesn’t always mean work that is related to the four seasons. It can be any work that only lasts for a short while. It isn’t meant to be permanent, but it can become available on an annual basis.

This kind of work can be a great diversion from you regular job or you can make a career out of it if you know what you are doing. Either way, there are some seasonal jobs that don’t show up on the radar quite asmuch when people talk about temporary work. Let’s take a look at some of the more interesting ones.


Professional driving usually takes no more than passing a driving test to qualify for. You would also have to know how to navigate the city streets. Your vehicle might be equipped with a GPS system, but most passengers and companies would expect that you know the area fairly well and be able to improvise when traffic problems arise or the GOPS stop working.

As a chauffeured car driver, you will be expected to work at odd hours and for long periods of time. A lot of your time might be spent waiting on the client. And when you do chauffeur the clients around, you will be expected to provide a smooth ride. If you think that you can do all that, this job may be for you.


To become a certified teacher in most places, you have to pass some extensive testing. But substitute teaching or mentoring can be just as fulfilling and not require as much certification and legwork. We’re talking about teaching summer classes, helping students who are having difficulty in school and working as a part-time teacher. For a full-time gig, you would be expected to go through all the college courses and registration procedures that take up a lot of professional teachers’ time.

But as a part-time teacher, you would have some leeway. You may find that you like the work enough to become registered and do it fulltime, so this is a good way to give it a trial run and see how you do with teaching children.

Cashier/ Customer Service

images1Working behind a cash register is a job that can give you valuable insight into the retail or fast food industry and can also give you some great experience with customer service.  During the busiest times of the year, many companies are looking for people to put behind the registers to keep the lines moving. You won’t usually have to have any previous experience, but it certainly helps if you can deal with people well.

Retailers will be looking for cashiers to sell the merchandise and customer service personnel to handle the returns. Expect to deal with hundreds of customers a day and work long hours. If your work is exceptional, you might be asked to stay on.…

Do Seasonal Work All the Time

For most people, seasonal work is often relegated to the younger generations. Those who haven’t really started their careers and who just need some work to tide them over until a “real job” comes along are perfectly-suited for seasonal work.

But that’s not really as true as it was decades ago. Now the Internet has made access to seasonal jobs easier, and ensuring you stay employed semi-regularly is a pretty viable way to live for some people. But if you plan to make a lifestyle out of seasonal work, you need to keep a few key concepts in mind.

Be on the Lookout Constantly

If you plan to do seasonal work as your career, you always shave to be looking for that next job. Seasonal work comes and goes, so use the Internet to stay on top of job postings and find positions that you would be right for. And send in your resume before you plan to start working because you never know how that interview is going to pan out or if someone else will grab the job before you.

Plan Accordingly

Seasonal work tends to pay well, but it won’t make for much of a career if you aren’t planning your finances well. Save up the money you are earning from your seasonal work and keep your expenses as low as you can during the off-season. After all, you won’t be available to take the seasonal job you really want if you are forced to take a job during the quiet period.

Be Up for Anything

images1Seasonal work can take to you many places and have you doing all kids of work. But you have to be prepared to handle any job sent your way. And since many of these jobs encounter unexpected conditions and unscheduled layoffs or no-shows, then you have to be ready to work other positions you were not hired on for.

You may be doing some summer tree service customer call center work when one of the tree cutting crew members becomes ill. You may be asked to undergo training and fill their spot. And you have to be ready to pick up those tree service tools and do the job; otherwise you may have to go looking for work again.

Seasonal work can be turned into a career, but you have to make smart decisions and be prepared to some unexpected jobs just to keep your seasonal work going.…

Seasonal Work Spotlight on

Seasonal jobs can be a great way to make some money in the off time, but they can also be a way to work toward what you really want to do as a long term career. One of the lesser known seasonal jobs involves becoming an impromptu fitness expert.


As you can see from the numerous fitness programs out there, pretty much anyone can be a fitness guru. But we’re not talking about hocking your own exercise regimen here. Instead, we’re looking at the seasonal openings that generally pop up at gyms during the early months of the year.

It is during the crucial months of January and February when most people start up exercise programs. They are trying to burn off those holiday calories or fulfill New Year’s resolutions. Now many of them will give up after a few weeks or months. But in that time, the gyms will probably need some extra hands.

Many gyms will hire you on even if you don’t know a lot about fitness. As long as you look somewhat fit and are willing to learn, you may be a perfect candidate for gyms needing to fill positions quickly to keep up with the demand for their services. They are looking for people who can guide gym members through exercises, make health recommendations and more.

Many of these skills are easy enough to learn quickly, and those who learn fast may be able to make a career out of their seasonal work. You should also be prepared to make recommendations to customers. Many of them will be looking for wright loss solutions. You might recommend something like Garcinia to help them. Garcinia is great because of how it suppresses appetites and keeps new weight off.

As long as you can offer some advice when asked, you will become more valuable employee. Those looking to make a career out of this kind of work need to be outgoing, helpful and knowledgeable. The more youworkonthese skills the better your chances will be of staying on when the rest of the temporary personal trainers are let go after the rush subsides.…

Planning for Summer Jobs

One of the most prominent times for seasonal jobs is during the summer. Unlike tax season jobs or winter work, these jobs can actually turn more easily onto long-term careers. But before you get ahead of yourself, you want to make sure you are taking the proper preparations to actually land a summer job.


The Early Bird

By searching early for summer jobs, you open yourself to the most opportunities. You can have your choice of work before anyone else has the chance to grab it up. And by starting early, you are endearing yourself to your part-time employers and setting yourself up nicely for a more permanent position.

You can start your early searching by making sure your working papers are in order. This is required in some places if you are under 18 years old. You’ll also want to have your references in order. Remember that many places don’t want the references of your pastor or other church members. They are likely looking for someone who is more apt to see you when you are not always at your best. Former co-workers, school mates and family members may all be reasonable choices.

Expand Your Search Base

If you are having trouble finding a summer job, you may need to look n more than the usual places. Beyond your local newspaper, you can also look online in help wanted ads or similar services. You can also use your network of friends and family members to find jobs that not everyone knows about or that are not being advertised.

And don’t dismiss a job just because it doesn’t sound like one you would be interested in. Sometimes you just have to take the work that is available to you. You never know where it could lead.

For example, a job working at installing solar panels might not seem like a field you would enjoy, but it could turn not a full time job later down the road. Solar energy has really taken off in Australia over the last decade or say, thanks in part to government backing.

The point is, you never know where your life can take you, and you don’t want to miss out on great opportunities just because of your preconceived notions.…

Turning a Seasonal Job into a Full-Time Gig

Seasonal work like fishing and ski lodge employment can be a great way to make some serious money fast. But have you ever considered doing it full-time?

Is It Right for You?

If you enjoy your seasonal work more than your real job and hate the idea of going back to regular work, then you may want to think about making temp work a full-time endeavor. Maybe it’s the excitement of doing something different than what you are used to or that your temp job takes you to someplace exciting- whatever the case, you might find increased fulfillment from a seasonal job.

Making It Work

Most seasonal jobs exist because there is only a demand for them at certain times of year. But this is a big wide world, and you can find things like artic fishing trips and snow jobs all times of the year. But you may have to be willing to root up and go to new places, sometimes for months at a time. Seasonal work is about going where the work is.

You may have to make some major life changes. Some people just leave their car locked behind the garage doors and take off for as long as they need. But it doesn’t make sense to pay for what is behind the garage doors if you are never using it. For that matter, why are you paying for a house you rarely use?

If you are going to be traveling for long periods of time each year, you may do better to put your things in storage, keep them with a friend or family member or just rent out a small place that just big enough to accommodate you for your downtime. Just keep in mind that seasonal work requires particular skills that you will have to develop if you want to do it all the time.…